The Girl, the Mother and the Demons

The Girl, the Mother and the Demons premiered in Stockholm on April 15th, 2016. Since then it has been featured on a variety of occasions in Sweden and internationally. The film is one of 10 modern Swedish movies chosen by the Swedish Institute to be shown at embassies all over the world. It is available with subtitles in English, with French, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Turkish subtitles currently under development. The film is used frequently for educational purposes, primarily in cooperation with the Swedish National Schizophrenia Association. For example, Suzanne Osten has lectured and shown the film at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, at School Cinema in Malmö, as well as the Sahlgrenska Hospital, in Gothenburg.


  • Guldbaggen 2017, Sweden’s most prestigious award – Best Female Lead
  • Maria Sundbom – for her role as Siri
  • Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck, Germany 2016
  • Honorable Mention to Suzanne Osten – The children’s jury

Notable showings

  • Opening film at The Reykjavík Children’s film festival, Reykjavík, Iceland, March 2017
  • The Swedish Embassy, Washington D.C., USA, House of Sweden, January 2017
  • Premiere in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2016

Film festivals where The Girl, the Mother and the Demons has been featured

CPH Film Festivals – CPH Buster Competitions, Copenhagen, Denmark – November 2016
Umeå European Film Festival, School Cinema – November 2016

Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck, Germany – November 2016

International Film Festival Schlingel, Chemnitz, Germany – September 2016

Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea – September 2016

Helsinki International Film Festival – Love and Anarchy – Helsinki, Finland, September 2016

SAND International Scenekunstfestival for children and youth, Kristiansand, Norway,

September 2016

Tromsø International Film Festival – Tromsø, Norge, June 2016

Stockholm Film Festival, Junior – Stockholm, Sweden, April 2016

Buff Film Festival – Malmö, Sweden, March 2016

Film festivals where The Girl, the Mother and the Demons will be featured

The Reykjavík International Children’s film festival, Reykjavík, Iceland, March-April 2017

Worldfest, Houston – 50th Annual Int’l Independent Film Festival, Houston, USA, April 2017

The European Psychoanalytic film festival, London, England, November 2017

Actors: Maria Sundbom and Esther Quigley.

National Schizophrenia Association – cooperation

In collaboration with the Swedish National Schizophrenia Association, Suzanne Osten regularly holds lectures and showings of The Girl, the Mother and the Demons throughout Sweden. During the year since April 2016, events have been held in:

Stockholm, Skövde, Nyköping, Huskvarna, Norrköping, Göteborg, Falun, Trosa, Skarpnäck, Eskilstuna, Upplands Väsby, Mjölby.

At least 12 additional showings/seminars are scheduled to take place during the remainder of 2017.

Seminars based upon the film

Seminars based upon The Girl, the Mother and the Demons involve personnel from pre-schools, schools, social services, mental health providers, churches, and charitable organizations, as well as students, parents, and guardians. Those involved watch the film together, then participate in discussions that center upon the film. Participation in values clarification exercises (for example 4-corner exercises) and round table discussions encourages all in attendance to comment, which can lead to a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. The goal of the seminars is to improve both awareness and understanding regarding psychotic disorders through the participation and facilitated communication between professionals, children, and parents, to help create and/or strengthen local networks that can provide support to children and families that are so affected.

Questions from children 11-16 years old after having seen the film

“If you have this illness, do you always have toilet brushes hanging from the ceiling?”

“What is happening in the brain when you hear and see demons?”

“Can children get this illness?”

“Is this illness contagious?”


Göteborgs-Posten, Emma Engström: 4 stars ”A beautiful, WARM, touching, and unpleasant film.”

Svenska Dagbladet, Erika Hallgren: 4 stars ”Maria Sundbom is GRANDIOSE!”

Good morning Sweden, SVT: 4 stars

TT Nyhetsbyrån, Karin Svensson: 4 stars ”FUNNY, embarrassing, sad and frightening.”

Sydsvenskan: 4 stars ”A deeply original and moving film.”