Suzanne inbjuden till Sydafrikanska ambassaden

Från pressmeddelandet (engelska):

The Embassy of Sweden in partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand Drama for Life, the Market Theatre Laboratory, and ASSITEJ South Africa, will be hosting distinguished guest, Professor Suzanne Osten, award winning director and playwright, and founder of Unga Klara Theatre Company. Professor Osten initiated Sweden’s first independent theatre company in the 60’s and has transformed the nature and status of children’s theatre in Sweden and beyond on issues pertaining to children’s rights, perspectives and politics.

During her visit, Professor Osten will deliver a keynote address at the Drama for Life Theatre for Youth and Young Audiences Symposium on the 6th of February, 2018. The symposium will highlight practices and models in the field that endeavour to assist youth to find their voice, process the social challenges they face, learn about human rights and social justice discourse, and vision a new way forward. It will showcase work by the Drama for Life Theatre Company, which seeks to develop cutting-edge youth orientated performances about personal love, relationship and intimacy stories. Seminar and performance presentations will regard broader teaching, learning and research in the field, and engage delegates, in conversation with presenters, on the affordances of Applied Drama and Theatre approaches for youth development and social transformation.

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